There are many considerations to review prior to deciding to sell your vehicle privately or with Dolan Auto Group.

Both can be great options based on your needs. To help you choose the best option, we’ve developed a list of items to consider before doing so.


Items to Prepare Prior to Selling:

  • Clean and detail your vehicle. 
  • Take multiple photos of your vehicle. 
  • If you have a lien on your vehicle you will need to request the payoff amount from the lender and make sure that it is paid off before requesting the title. 
  • Have your title in hand to provide to the buyer. 
  • Research to find out what your vehicle may be worth. 
  • List your vehicle multiple places online. 
  • Pull and pay for a CarFax report that you can share with prospective buyers. 

Talking to Prospective Buyers:

  • Field phone calls and messages from prospective buyers. 
  • Schedule appointments to show your vehicle. 
  • Meet with prospective buyers in a safe place. 
  • Check that prospective buyers have valid insurance before having them test drive the vehicle. 
  • Be prepared to negotiate with prospective buyers. 
  • Are you willing to trade vs taking cash for your vehicle?

Once You’ve Got a Buyer:

  • Ask for cash or a cashier’s check from the buyer. 
  • Fill out the title correctly. 
  • Request a photo of the buyer’s driver’s license. 
  • Make sure the buyer registers the vehicle in their name right away. 
  • Be prepared that the buyer may call at a later date if something should happen to the vehicle.


  • Complete an online appraisal.
  • Meet a Dolan representative to review your vehicle either at your location of choice or our dealership. 
  • If you've got a lien on your vehicle, we will take care of the payoff and processing the title.  
  • Receive your check or cash.